Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grammy Commentary Starts Now

As much as I love Christina, she needs to tone it down just a notch. Florence isn't in the big leagues but she's got her own niche anyway. Aretha should be proud of her sisters nonetheless.

Here comes the Lady Gaga egg. My mother would not understand or appreciate this!

I like Miranda Lambert because she just sings without any "show."

I'm amazed it's so bright there. Lots of sunglasses after dark.

Best show for world revolution!

Miranda for Grammy! YES! I can predict this shit!

She looks like she's wearing the mud outfit in the Swiffer commercial.

Justin Bieber is a Maple Leafs fan!! And he can play an instrument!

Black horns and George Clinton wannabes.

I may have to toss off for the night. Missing a lot, I knew this was a mistake.

There is a chichihua puppet in color next to a black man in color? Amid a field of color and egg shit.
Country radio redux. You can fu..get yourself!

Does Bob Dylan only stand up for the grammys?

It doesn't what on Maggie's farm no more?

I'm not stupid. I figured out Mumford & Sons and the noose around my neck.

Te band I accused of being the Decemberists?

Black hair. You can be anyone.

He's gonna get old and lose that hair eventually. And then what's he gonna do?

And Christina Aguilera will be like 80 by then. It'll be like Mae West revisited.

Ninja drummers and flames provide a distraction.

MUSE wins a Grammy!!

I hope Bob Dylan can stay awake and display some enthusiasm.

Susan Boyle's nomination was a mercy vote.

Lady Gaga still has shoulder horns.

THIS. One big fail. All the commentary from the iPad failed to post here. I think I'll just shut this down here and maybe delete.

Oh, wait. It did get everything.

Never mind.

Going to watch Katy Perry. Like her red gown is so fucking large it requires a crane to carry it. Nice job and making the lesser peons feel like shit.

Once the pot humor starts, I'm done and baked.

Bravo for free speech and whatever.

Can we just turn this into an art form and forget about the profit motive?

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