Monday, September 18, 2006

Religion in the Blogosphere

Yesterday's post ("Sunday Sermon") was inspired by David at Quaker Agitator. It makes me positively livid when someone on our side is ridiculed if not verbally attacked simply because of their religious faith.

Today I've learned that David is shutting down his blog. At least he's leaving us with a fine rant:

But there is one thing I can agree with my conservative friends on: the Left wing of the "blogosphere," the folks who call themselves tolerant and open-mnded and "progressive" - some of them - are amongst the most abusive, intolerant folks I have ever dealt with. Patronizing, sneering, dismissive, smirking, condescending, mean-spirited, insulting.
I'm tired of it.

And when does this happen? Whenever I mention God or my faith. Which is why I started this blog in the first place.

This country is a mess, friends. It is on the road to ruin. The time has come, and the opportunity is here, I believe, for a new progressive movement to re-establish progressive values as the basis for a better America. I think the Left has that much to offer. That includes people of faith on the Left, by the way. Or it could. Progressives have the brains, the energy, and the ideas. And this medium gives us all a useful tool to organize, to educate, to agitate. And what do we do with it? Well, some of us - too many of us - use it to insult and abuse those with whom they should be joining hands, locking arms, and getting down to work.

The timing of this is unfortunate as I made a decision this morning to begin compiling a list of blogs by people of faith who are working their butts off for us. I'm sorry that the list is now shorter by one within 2 hours after embarking on the project.

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Here are two examples:

Skipping to the Piccolo
Straight, Not Narrow

Feel free to leave links to more in the comments.

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