Friday, March 13, 2009

A Cold Start To South By

SXSW kicks in this week and I feel sorry for anyone who is flying in dressed for weather we were having at the beginning of this week! You just know somebody stepped off a plane between Wednesday and today wearing a t-shirt and shorts without checking the weather online before packing. Oh well, they'll only suffer for a couple of days.


Let the music begin!

Speaking of weather and music, I am thrilled to see Jack White has a 3rd band going. Dead Weather has Jack on drums.
Mr. White seemed energized by returning to an instrument he played in his youth. “For years I’ve been playing guitar like a drummer,” he said. “Now I want to play drums like a producer and see what happens. Looking at a song from that seat is a whole different ballgame, and it makes me reinvest in writing and producing music again.”

Album coming in June. Single available on iTunes now. I want.

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