Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Fine Day for January Gardening

I woke up this morning with a minor hangover which usually means I will not be venturing far from the house. We had leftover spinach & mushroom casserole from last night so that took care of lunch. After lunch I was starting to go a little stir-crazy after having been working at home all week, so I decided it was a fine day to start some gardening projects.

I emptied all the soil from pots on the patio into the wheelbarrow. I removed all pots from the patio, got some trays soaking in water to loosen the dried dirt, and then swept all the leaves and acorns from the patio.

A bit later I ran over to the nearby Natural Gardener to select some heirloom tomato seeds. A generous number of those have been planted and are residing on a bench in a south facing window in the living room.

Black Krim on the left and Cherokee Purple on the right. (I think! Who cares! They're all good.)

I also got some seeds for the kitties: mixed greens and catnip!

After photographing everything, I got a few containers of the Amish Paste and Mortgage Lifters planted, as well as the felines' mixed greens. The only thing left to plant is the catnip.

The cats will get their treat long before I do as the mixed greens should sprout and grow rather quickly.

Productivity is a wonderful thing.

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