Saturday, January 08, 2011

Painting My Office

The long-awaited moment began today as I finally decided on a color for the last major room in the house to get a makeover. (I say "major" because the laundry room has yet to be done, but it's tiny. More on that later.)

This event started around 10:00 this morning with the baseboards and door frames being painted using the same color I chose for the trim in the rest of the house. I had leftover paint from those projects.

I finished that shortly after 12:00 and we went out to get paint and some lunch.

Exhibit A, before painting of the walls began.

Exhibit B, in the opposite direction. (Yes, txrad ignored me in both shots.)

I only bought a gallon of paint and knew it would be a stretch as the walls are quite high in this room. But since one wall is mostly windows, and the back wall has a lot of shelving, I thought I might get lucky.

No way. Those rollers suck up that paint.

Exhibit C. Voila!

You'll notice the back wall is not complete and I'm out of paint.

I've very happy with it and I estimate that I'm probably 85% done with this. Sunday wrap-up should be a snap.

I hate having to buy another gallon when there's so little left to do. That brings me back to the laundry room. As I was heading out to the garage to clean my roller I decided to "clean it" on the laundry room wall just to see how it might look out there.

txrad exclaimed: "You're going to use MORE of that awful color?"

I guess he doesn't much care for it. But... I work here; he doesn't. So THERE!

I think it looks refreshing, like lime pulp. I'll try to find something more to txrad's liking when I paint the shelving.

Ironically, there will be even more painting down the road as I've already decided on a new color for the kitchen. And since the laundry room is adjacent to the kitchen, I could be nice and use the new kitchen color in the laundry room. Or not. Depends on how much of a gallon is leftover from the kitchen project.

The kitchen was the first room in the house I painted and that was probably 5 or 6 years ago, so I think it's looking a bit dated. With the new yellow travertine tiles, I'm thinking we need something besides yellow walls.

We'll see if I decide to tackle that project before the end of January. Once I get on a painting roll it's hard to get me to stop!

Then the next project will be to replace the flooring in the office. That linoleum is hideous!

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