Thursday, January 20, 2011

All That Remains Is The Wait

Today was the dreaded Meeting of the Creditors in the bankruptcy process. I didn't think I'd be the least bit nervous but this morning I felt like I needed a tranquilizer as txrad was driving me downtown for the meeting.

My lawyer had told me he'd be there at 9:45 for the 10:00 meeting. I got there at 9:40 and was really needing to have a few words with him and for some reassurance. The minutes seemed to pass in slow motion as I waited on him to arrive for what seemed like an eternity. Finally at 9:59 he came in the door.

There were a couple of other bankruptcy cases ahead of mine and I was getting increasing nervous as I listened to the trustee and his assistant quizzing the people.

I'm happy to report mine went quite well, about as close to perfection as you can get. Quick, painless, and efficient.

Nothing more to do now but wait for the judge to dismiss the debt and send me the dismissal of debts letter. That should take about 3 months. But I should not have anymore appearances ahead of me with trustees and I probably won't have to visit with the lawyer again. I feel....released.

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