Sunday, March 04, 2012

The Painted Kitchen

It's been awhile since I first painted our kitchen yellow. After getting yellow travertine tiles installed a couple of years ago I had been mulling over the idea of painting the kitchen again in a different color. I love yellow -- it's one of my favorite colors -- but not everywhere! (I actually went through that phase once when I was about 13 years old and EVERYTHING in my bedroom was yellow.)

Here are some before and after shots.

Before: kitchen area

Before: cooking area with freshly made hamburger buns and ketchup courtesy of Sheldon.

Before: dining area.

After: kitchen area (interior poorly lit due to extremely bright morning sun).

After: cooking area

After: dining area

I must confess I am thrilled. This new color really accentuates the counters much better than yellow did. It's also much more forgiving than the yellow was when painting around the white door trim and baseboards. I also think perhaps I'm a more experienced painter now than I was at the time I painted the kitchen yellow. That was my first major painting project, and since then I have painted every other room in the house.

Now I just need to do something about the drab off-white doors. I haven't painted any doors in this house and I'm definitely not looking forward to it but it must be done.


jOoLz said...

you ever taken a door off the hinges? not hard if you haven't. check youtube for some videos. remove the hardware, too. and the paint has to cure at least a day, maybe two if it's humid, before you flip it to do the other side.

and be careful what color white you choose.

now, as far as your paint, i REALLY dig what it looks like in that "poorly lit" pic. it looks awesome with the cabinets and the countertops look great too. my kitchen is a cave most of the day (only northern exposure and there's a 2 story building right next door), so i envy the light you get in there :)

DrankPlease said...

"Now I just need to do something about the drab off-white doors. I haven't painted any doors in this house and I'm definitely not looking forward to it but it must be done."

We paint doors all the time. Especially in new construction. A quicker method of painting them (without waiting for one side to dry overnight in order to handle/flip them) is to partially screw in (2) long wood screws (we use 3 inch brass screws for strength) into each end of the door at opposite corners, leaving enough of the screw exposed enough to catch and rest on a saw horse and to be able to grab with (gloved) hands to flip the door when the first side is painted. We spray our doors to avoid brush strokes, but this isn't necessary. If you have any questions, Win, give me a shout on Facebook. :o) #wilfing

Anonymous said...

Just glad to see you and the kittys again!

Tracy said...

Is it a really pale grey? It looks it in the picture where you apologized for the lighting, but not so much in the other ones.

Sherry Pasquarello said...

nice- but hard to see the color til i looked closly at the off white doors- this place is in dire need of paint- haven't painted in 14 years!

Witchay Woman said...

I like it! And, the Happy Boy plant!

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