Monday, February 02, 2009

A Dish Served Best Fucked Up

Last week I got the two Amy Winehouse CDs and was eagerly awaiting their arrival. My assistant at work gave me a $20 amazon gift card for the holidays and I wanted to be sure to spend it wisely on something I'd enjoy.

The CDs arrived and I plugged in Frank first. After about 4 songs, txrad came in making a sour face and almost demanded that I turn that "shit" off. "Are you ENJOYING that?" he asked.

No, I wasn't, but I bought the damn things and I will listen to them once. I took out "Frank" and put in the 5 grammy award-winning Back to Black. After about 4 or 5 songs I had to stop that one as well. It was simply getting on my nerves. I was devastated because I just knew I was going to be a huge Amy Winehouse fan and it wasn't clicking for me.

Then last night after significant amounts of tequila and some fine fresh herb of the Chong variety, I popped in Frank again.

I don't remember my exact words but it might have been something like "good Lord God Almighty this is AWEsome!"

Clearly, in order to fully experience Amy Winehouse and enjoy, one must achieve a similar state of mind.

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