Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Williams-Sonoma Observation

I'm going to try and be nice here. If I ever bad-mouth a national chain I get the police trolls trying to rectify the situation. I like Williams-Sonoma. I really do. I spent close to an hour in there today examining just about everything. And this is the second time I've gone there with gift card in hand trying to find something to buy.

The first time I walked away empty-handed from that store as well as Pottery Barn where the card is also valid. Today I still didn't really see anything at Pottery Barn and decided to swing through Williams-Sonoma again, determined to buy something.

And I found two things, both recommended by txrad. This silicone mat for rolling dough or baking may come in handy since I have become rather fond of rolling out pie dough, and txrad may bake some cookies occasionally.

He also wanted this garlic press which, although apparently designed in Germany, is made in China and therefore should have cost about $8 max.

Question of the Day: Take a wild guess what we spent on these two items? Make a note of your guess in comments and then take a look at the sales receipt here.

Honestly, I don't understand how people can afford to shop at these stores. Not that there aren't some wonderful things in there which might be well worth the money spent. I saw a few chef's knives I would love but I already have a great knife set. There's just nothing I really need at the moment but these two items will get some usage.

I have a theory that Williams-Sonoma exists primarily as a wedding registry for people who want other people to buy them nice gifts. I would love to know what percentage of the clientele go there and buy stuff for themselves.

Yes, it's nice stuff. But there's no reason why a mom & pop hardware store couldn't sell the same stuff without the same price tag. And then I wouldn't be subsidizing mall rent in the Nordstrom wing.