Saturday, February 14, 2009

kona's saturday night austin tour

i'm not sure why I do my saturday night austin tour post title in lower case but that's the way it is and i am a man of tradition.

but this this a funny story. when i first started my facebook page i got a friend request from a few people here in austin. i had no idea who they are but i added them. networking and shit. a year later (now) i was pondering whether to delete them and just keep real friends. and then i was reading today's austin chronicle and saw an ad (from waterloo records probably) with a new release from randy weeks.

so i decided to feature a couple of youtube videos tonight of a couple of facebook friends. it's austin, ya'll.

Randy Weeks: "I'd Walk a Thousand Miles."

Sick's Pack at Ruta Maya...

And finally, Carolyn Wonderland, who happens to be playing a gig in Osaka this weekend. She didn't send me a friend request. But I just sent her one. Why not? And she's friends with Randy Weeks and Sick's Pack.

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