Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Cramped

RIP Lux Interior Update with obit

The singer for the Cramps has died at age 62. I held off for a few hours before posting this because I wanted to be sure it was true. It was a while before the Wiki entry was updated under his real name or his stage name. Normally that happens within minutes of a death announcement. While this indicates his death as today, I saw another blog entry which said he might have died last week. Whatever. He is missed.

I saw the Cramps in London during my 1983-1984 era and this photograph, which I found on the nets, could easily have been taken at that concert. Except that by the time they were wrapping up their set, he wasn't even wearing that little thingey he has on here.

I also visited his MySpace page today searing for validity to this story. It indicated he had last logged in on 2/4 and his current mood was "horny." Yeah, me too.

Rest in peace, you crazy fuck. Thanks for a concert I'll never forget.

My piece of flair from the 80s.

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