Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Gross Me Out! Gag Me With A Spoon!!!

Once in awhile there is a dreaded tapeworm situation among the felines in the family and today was just such a day. One was dangling over the edge of a patio chair. And our conversation went something like this.

kona: "Ewwww, there's a dangling tapeworm. Take care of that."

txrad: "I'm not touching it."

kona: "You don't have to touch it. Grab a stick or something."

txrad: "You grab a stick."

kona: "You've castrated bulls before; you can't deal with a friggin' tapeworm?"

No response. So I dealt with it. Gross. Reminds me of a song....

Tapeworm, tapeworm
Measuring the marigolds
Could it be, stop and see
How beautiful they are