Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spring Cleaning in December

Why wait? I say get it done and toss it out with the old year.

I'm sure somewhere on the planet there is a wire geek with a far larger wire collection than I have, but honestly, have you ever seen so many phone wires and how the hell did I accumulate so many over the years?

Of course, I'm trying to get all this done under constant supervision by the Tot.

I'm not throwing out everything. If I know what it is and I know I won't need it, I throw it. If I know what it is, and think I might need it, I'll keep it.

Anyhow the stuff I'm keeping goes into a dedicated wire drawer.

If I have no idea what it is, then I keep it until I can figure out what it is, and then decide. Although, one could make the point that if I haven't used it in 5 years or longer, then I probably don't need it. But seriously, what the hell are these cables with the white ends and the funny looking prongs on them? They come with every computer I've ever bought, and not once have I ever used one. So I have about 4 or 5 of them waiting in the drawer.

Or save me the trouble, tell me what it is and whether I should toss them.

Once I'm done cleaning out the file cabinets, I hope I will have reduced my need down to just one of them. And the other 3 can exit the house along with a lot of junk and wires. Anybody in Austin want some file cabinets?

I'm keeping the nicest black one. The beige one could be used in the garage for tool storage I guess. So maybe I'll only be getting rid of two.

Once I get this place cleaned out, next up on the agenda is painting the office a new color for the new year, and then replacing the flooring.

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