Sunday, August 13, 2006

Poetry Slam Wrap-Up **Updated**

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Shamanic with konagod & txrad at Antone's
August 10, 2006 * Poetry Slam
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Here's an individual piece from Shamanic at Antone's on Thursday night. I think she's an old soul!

Here's more video links of other poet performances.... For some reason I can't get the "embed" function to work. When I copy the html code from YouTube and paste here, it's incomplete. So I'll just do this the "ugly" way.

I included the judge's scoring in most of these. Five members of the audience are selected randomly to judge the poets in Olympic-style point scoring. 9.0 and higher usually met with loud audience approval. Anything under 8.5 could elicit some boos. It was all quite fun.

Austin's Neo-Soul:

Here's the piece from Theresa Davis of Atlanta's "Art Amok."

Another great piece from Neo-Soul of Austin:

An individual performance by PhoenixYZ of "Art Amok."

Here's the last piece, J.T. Bullock from Montevallo, Alabama, on "gayploitation." Great work.

The finals were last night and we decided not to go. Tickets would have been around $50 for the two of us. I'm sure it would have been worth the expenses but money is tight right now. But there's always next year.

Lastly, here's some links to websites:
Neo-Soul from Austin

Art Amok from Atlanta

PhoenixYZ MySpace Page

Results from the finals last night:
In 5th place: Miami with a 83.1.
In 4th place: DC-Baltimore with a 84.1.
In 3rd place: NYC/LouderARTS with a 85.7.
In 2nd place: Austin/Southflavas with a 86.4.
And in a whopping 1st place: Denver with a 87.4.

Paulie Lipman of Denver: MySpace Page

"It's cheap therapy," said a Dallas poet who goes by GNO.

"This helps release frustration and emotional baggage," said A.J. Houston of Fort Worth, whose introduction to poetry came from Dr. Seuss at age 5.
Austin American Statesman coverage.

Hmmm, and I wondered why I was so enthralled with the whole experience!

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