Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Don't Be Saucy With Me, Bearnaise!

Do you enjoy having the last word but tired of the struggle to get it? Here's a tip: start a blog! And then when you get tired of retorting, just do this:

Maybe it's just me, but I don't get this for several reasons, most notably:

1. There were already 17 newer posts vying for attention.
2. There were only 6 comments between noon today and the time the thread was closed at roughly 6:40 PM my time.
3. If no one else seems to give a fuck, why bother closing the thread?
4. Why bother making it a negative thing if nobody gives a fuck?

Why not just:

1. Leave it, and there might be a residual comment or nine before it completely dies off.
2. You could just close the thread without making a big grandiose and bitter announcement about it.

In the first scenario, you do risk having a continuation of the debate requiring your attention and troll-banning powers which are better diverted elsewhere. So I'd go with #2. But then, you don't get the last word, do you?

Who gives a fuck?

But I will tell you this. I have no issues whatsoever with the word moist. It sounds snack cakey to me.

Feel free to answer that question in comments as well, while we're at it, and since it fits in so well with the blog. Almost a flashback!

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