Thursday, August 12, 2010

Childhood Without Inhibitions

I'm not sure why this crossed my mind today but it certainly makes for another interesting Question of the Day until I can get my shit together for a real post.

When I was in the first grade, I remember sitting behind a girl in glass. Her name was Becky and her mother owned a clothing store in my hometown.

Becky had beautiful silky black hair, just shy of shoulder-length, and I'd reach up and pull my fingers through her hair. It felt so good. Apparently she didn't mind because I certainly don't ever recall an incident in which I was told to "STOP it, you freak!" It was just one of those innocent 7-year-old moments of exploration I guess.

A year or two later I remember another girl spontaneously deciding to stick her tongue in my ear. I think her name was Carol. Last name: Russell. (That just came to me as I was typing this post.) It was an "ewwwwww" moment for me.

And then, in the same classroom and the same year, there was a boy who would come to the back of the classroom where there was a shelf of books, and while I was flipping through a book, he would unzip my pants and stick his hand in there. And this was while the classroom was full and the teacher was in the room. (Sorry, I don't remember his name. Honestly.)

I'm just curious. Do the rest of you have stories like this, or was it just me?

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