Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Christ, What a Hysteric"

The HBO series "True Blood" is all the rage these days. Rolling Stone devoted a cover to it. And it's pretty humorous if you want my opinion, given that it is a vampire series. I mean, come on, how do you promote a vampire series without fangs or blood?

[Oh, screw you, Bhotofucket!] Glad I keep backups:

Someone was offended by it. And I didn't create the title of this post; she did, along with a "Trigger warning for sexualized violence."
I've heard that about me.

Please. Can we separate fiction from reality? I know it's all too easy to draw them together with metaphors, but... just saying. Get a grip. (And regarding that boob grip, they are a couple. Wanna do it in fake blood? Be my guest! Free country!)

Some of us still have the ability to make distinctions and draw lines.

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