Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun In Non-Profit

So I was just telling txrad this amazing story about the Eric Clapton song were's listening to right now. It was recorded around 1968 and it stoked a big-ass memory of me visiting my Grandmother in Dallas for the first time.

She managed an apartment complex and had a secretary, a sort of hippie-ish gal.

We went out one day, to the World's Fair in San Antonio or maybe some lamer-ass shit in Dallas. (10th Avenue Freeze-Out!) But I spent $5 on a fake plastic pot of fake plastic sunflowers which would dance to music. I shit you not.

And upon returning to the apartment complex, I was hanging out in the financial office where the hippie chick sat, and she said, "hey boy, I want to buy those."

I said, "they're not for sale."

She asked me what I paid for them and I told her, and that dumb black-haired hippie offered me double.

I said "no."

I told her I'd sell them to her, since by this time I was already bored with them, and wanted my $5 back, for $5.

I wanted her to learn a lesson. The not-for-profit motive resonates way beyond the body and soul. Rock on, hippie chicks!

Eric Clapton started it.

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