Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Question of the Day

What genre of music can you just not listen to?

I can't think of one personally although some of that late 50s and early 60s shit takes a toll on my nerves.

I was just discussing with txrad about a radio station in Little Rock back around 1980 which was known as KQ94 and they played a lot of new stuff, like Dire Straits, Joe Jackson, and the like. He doesn't like that. Nor does he like Steely Dan. So I said I was going to post a song of theirs I really like, just to see if he could tolerate it, or be appalled by it. He can comment with his verdict.

I think he doesn't like any kind of rock/jazz fusion. But...come on for the Mystery Tour.

UPDATED 11/12: This is the YouTube clip I meant to post. Same song but someone put it to interesting video...

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