Saturday, December 23, 2006

37th Street "Holiday Hysterics"

Austin's 37th Street has long been a spectacular hotspot for holiday lighting and decorations. Things had begun to deteriorate as many long-time residents moved away and were replaced by folks not so inclined to indulge in the electrified holiday excess.

Randy Thompson, a 37th Street resident since 1980, said, "Most years I wouldn't say the [Zilker Park] Trail of Lights is better than ours, but this year it is." Thompson said he opted against putting up lights due to spousal pressure and reported overhearing upset and belligerent onlookers bemoan his lack of lights as well as his next-door neighbor's lackluster illumination effort.

"It's unfair that we're somehow responsible for entertaining the city of Austin," said a 37th Street resident of four years who asked not to be named for fear of darkening relations with neighbors. We'll refer to that source as Rudolph. "The story ended last year. You can observe what happened now that the people who started the tradition aren't here any more," Rudolph said. "It's not the new people's fault that they didn't buy into the lights, they simply saw a house that met their needs." Many of the new homeowners are professionals who come home late and rarely socialize with neighbors, he added.

All is not lost. This could be the winner of this year's most original and comically timely holiday display.

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What the display lacks in shimmer, it has recently made up for in shock – with the weekend debut of a nativity scene featuring Mary Cheney – the vice president's pregnant lesbian daughter – and her partner, Heather Poe, as Christ's parents, along with Dick Cheney and Rummy as wise men and an angelic floating Condi Rice overhead.

Simply brilliant. Not overdone. No horrendously tacky Airblowns. It's just pure Austin class.

hat tip to litbrit's "Queen Mum II" for this piece!

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