Wednesday, December 20, 2006


txrad and I have two stainless steel rulers at our desks. we're both sitting here rather fucked up listening to Zino Francescotti and got into this discussion about where shit is made, man.

And we decided to compare rulers.

txrad proudly displayed his. A Westcott, made in the grand 'ole USA. Well, me, Mr. Socialist Extraordinaire, had the Fiskars ruler made in ... China. I swear we bought them around the same time. It's not like he or I had to measure something before the other. It just proves my point. In that short amount of time, look how many jobs got outscourced. No metal rulers in the USA!

The movie with the song behind the lens -- txrad.
I just ran head-on into two cats trying to type that.

And this fucking blogspot shit is in cahoots with the DEVIL.
which, some would argue, is why I'm here.

"The Perfect Crime #2" is such a Talking Heads ripoff.

Robert Johnson says "take the ponies to the stable."

I'm not sure why, but I learn fast.

txrad just said: "I need to silence my intellect."

It's Sarah Vaughn man.

Yeah another fat black woman.

You know what? Billie Holliday was the only skinny black woman to be a success.. (even if it was mostly post mortem.)

My memory of Diana Ross is hazy at best.

Hunger hurts but starving's worse.

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