Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cleaning House

Obviously I need to do more of it, and organizing. After we had the travertine tile installed, the door into the laundry room scraped against the tile until you pulled upward on the door while opening and closing it. That was starting to get on my last raw nerve so I went out and bought some sandpaper, took down the door and began sanding. I knew there was a sanding block around here someplace but I could not find it.

After getting the door back up, lo and behold it still was scraping. I took it down again, got out the hacksaw and quickly figured out that wasn't going to work for the very small amount of wood removal needed. I also found a little course round thingey which I attached to the drill, but all that managed to do was just buff the bottom of the door; it wasn't actually removing anything.

Finally I resorted to the sandpaper again, rubbing briskly until I could feel it heating up from friction. After 2 or 3 minutes I stopped and hung the door. I did not expect that I had removed enough to stop the door from scraping but I was successful!

Feeling pleased with myself I decided to tackle some cleaning of the cabinets in the laundry room. I was startled by what I found. In one cabinet was a shoebox and when I opened it I found two sanding blocks, a brick of wax, and some hotel bathroom products dating back to 1992. As I said, organization is key to finding things you need.

Two packages of shampoo from the 1992 Singapore trip, some soap and a shower cap from Loews New York around 1993. There were also three mini-sewing kits.

In the other cabinet I found pet medications for Samantha dating back to 1997 and a Folgers coffee can which contained some congealed ex-liquid substance completely unidentifiable. But it was starting to eat through the bottom of the can.

It really is a good idea to occasionally inspect the abode.

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