Monday, January 19, 2009

It's Like Christmas Eve

And Santa Claus is coming tonight... not to give, but to take away. George W. Bush will be moving to Dallas (aaack!) and we will be living under a new administration after 8 years of pure hellish tyranny. I can hardly contain myself.

Back in 1984 in London, I bought one of these black sleeveless shirts which Bono wore. Mine had "U2" plastered across the back of it. Yes, I was a slave to marketing I suppose, even though I bought it in a counter cultural flea market, not a corporate chain. Not sure that makes a difference. It was still buying into something, elevating a mere human band to a level of adoration which I suspect did not benefit the band at all.

A few years earlier I'd driven from Fayetteville, Arkansas to Kansas City for a U2 concert before they were really big. It was in a venue known as the Uptown Theatre if I recall. And it was an old theatre. I walked in, and stood near the front of the stage until the band appeared. At one point I reached out to Bono and he grabbed my right arm at the elbow, and his sweaty slippery hand ran down the length of my arm to my fingertips.

I'm ready to get this show on the road. Enough with the honeymoon. Let's make some change happen. And if it doesn't, or if it's not the right kind of change, let's raise some hell.

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