Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're A Happy Family!

Picture of the Day:

Actually it was a tossup between that picture and the one of Obama undoing a bit of Bush dirty work: signing the executive order to close Guantánamo! And this is what, the 2nd full day of his term?
But even as he reversed the most disputed counterterrorism policies of the Bush years, Mr. Obama postponed for at least six months difficult decisions on the details. He ordered a cabinet-level review of the most challenging questions his administration faces — what to do with dangerous prisoners who cannot be tried in American courts; whether some interrogation methods should remain secret to keep Al Qaeda from training to resist them; and how the United States can make sure prisoners transferred to other countries will not be tortured.

Granted it may take a year, and there are some logistics to work through, but at least he didn't wait six months to get moving on it.

I am pleased. So far, so good. Carry on, Mr. President.

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