Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Feed Them to the Lions

One of the things that just upsets me so much about "Christians" these days, politically, is that I take so much abuse from them for being a pagan (feel free to substitute atheist since it's all the same to them), and yet I, and txrad, are doing good deeds, just as Jesus preached.

And I am annoyed as hell that we can't get a health care bill passed to cover those of us who are not as fortunate or lucky as others.

We get called all kinds of names, like "liberal" and "socialist" and "marxist" because we want a country, which we could easily have, but this is the measure which should be the standard.

So when the McCains and Palins and McConnells and Boehners start flapping their religious tea bags at me, pardon me if I need to leave the room. And to the Reids, and Pelosis, and Lincolns, and Landrieus, you are all just as shameful. You people have nothing to contribute. Because you don't fucking care for anyone except yourselves and your corporate contributions. Because you have no needs other than those.

It's a fucking shame.

And whom do you represent?