Thursday, July 15, 2010

Argentina Deals Harsh Blow to Heterosexuals

By a vote of 33 to 27, lawmakers in Argentina yesterday voted to obliterate the rights of children to be "raised and educated by a father and mother," and decimated any possibility that our species will be able to perpetuate itself.

Yes, dear friends, Argentina has legalized same-sex marriage. Keep and eye on the sky as it will surely collapse down upon us soon.

''Marriage between a man and a woman has existed for centuries, and is essential for the perpetuation of the species,'' insisted Sen. Juan Perez Alsina, who is usually a loyal supporter of the president but gave a passionate speech against gay marriage.


Same-sex civil unions have been legalized in Uruguay, Buenos Aires and some states in Mexico and Brazil. Mexico City has legalized gay marriage. Colombia's Constitutional Court granted same-sex couples inheritance rights and allowed them to add their partners to health insurance plans.

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