Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Facebook 101

Yes, I'm a freak and chock-full of stupid shit.

A few other tips:

1. Maybe if you spend less time being an insensitive idiot to the plight of the unemployed and devote just a fraction of that time to learning how to use the social networking site, you wouldn't need to ask so many questions.

2. It must have been very frustrating trying to find me since I'm not, and never have been, in your friend list.

3. Anyone can send you a message, whether they are friends or not.

4. Use the Privacy Settings and select the Block Lists, then add my name.

5. Easiest of all: You could always just ask my brudda to tell me to cease & desist.

I wonder if he figured all that out yet. Not that it matters since I have not the least bit of interest in continuing the "conversation." I "want" bother him again.

Poor guy. I wonder what his reaction is when he's in a room and someone has MSNBC turned on.

Arrrrggg! ur turnin that off rite??? libral freaks want stop talking about stupid shit

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