Monday, July 12, 2010

Seen on Facebook Today

And this status update is from a gay guy. He's not a friend of mine; just someone too stupid to make his rantings private.

The goverment can go to hell they only help the lazy ass people who don't want to work just sit on the porch and wait on a check ( and you know who I'm talking about) and have kid after kid so the wll give them more money! I hope they get cut off!

Yeah, just who is he talking about?

He goes on to write in comments:
Jason Bangs:
No I was just making a point, that my taxes are helping the useless

And yeah, I'll use his name since he seems proud enough to display them to the world via Facebook.


What the fuck does a 23-year-old know about taxes? Oh, but he likes Britney Spears. There you have it.

UPDATE: Just had a reply from the guy:

It has nothing to do with black or white people! it has everything to do with lazy ass worthless people who want everything givin to them, In stead of working for it, and I really dont care, The only reason it embarrasses you is if ur one of those people,or you just take it as if im being rases against any race! If you sit on ur porch and wait for a check that comes from the people who works taxes than YOU EMBARRASS ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had to reply:

My partner has been unemployed since 2007. You have a lot to learn, my man. It has nothing to do with "lazy." You embarrass me, still. Live long and prosper. But watch out for 2012.

And you would do well to work on your grammar, if you expect to be taken seriously by those of us who are paving your way.

Asshole, again.

Jason Bangs goes on to scribble:

Why does this bother you so much? You much be one of those people who do not a damn thing but wait on a check! And Im Not talking about the people who have gotten hurt and cant work, I talking about people who can work but chose not to, they just sit around having kids! and who gives a damn about 2012???

Get off my facebook freak!!!!!!!!!!

And a kona retort:

Spoken like a true short-sighted individual. Are you aware that you are going to live to be 60 or 70? You should care about 2012. And 2011. And 2020. But I won't waste my time. You are seriously an asshole.

I work. And have for a long time. And I work for gay rights. And I work for a better country than this. And I battle ignorance such as yours. And it infuriates the fuck out of me. That's why it bothers me so much.

And he cannot resist:

So people who dont work and sit around and wait for you to pay their way, How do you feel about that? And im not and ass hole im speaking the truth about what pisses me off I own my own company and it bugs me that people are so damn lazy!!!! How does that now bother you!!!

I guess my grammar jab went unheeded.

Get a job as well, you lazy morans!

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