Monday, July 12, 2010

Bite Me, Bhotofucket!

I was just in my Photobucket account when I noticed they have shitcanned another round of photos I've been using on my blog. In one album, a photo titled "janetboob" as received the big red TOU flag. Come on, it's been sitting in the account how long??

Then I jumped to an album where I store recurring images for use when I need them: the children of the Westboro Baptist Church idiots holding up the "God Hates Faggots" sigh, the Flying Spaghetti Monster poster which I had in my sidebar, and lastly the graphic I use for my "Factoids from the Deep" posts. It featured the creature from the lagoon going after a naked woman who had all her naughty ladybits covered up with black dots anyway.

This screen shot I took (above) is also stored in my Photobucket album, aptly named "Bhotofucket."

I seriously need to find another less-anal offsite storage for photos that's cheap or free. Anyone have a favorite? This has been going on with me and Photobucket for quite some time and I've had enough. Remember the problems I had with photos of vegetables in the shape of penises?

I'm done with Bhotofucket.

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