Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Obama's DEA Nominee

President Obama has nominated Michele Leonhart to be administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration, and I'm sure that will be lost in the media frenzy surrounding the Shirley Sherrod clusterfuck debacle.

Thankfully, NORML is all over it.
Under Leonhart’s leadership [as acting-administrator], the DEA has staged medical marijuana raids in apparent disregard of Attorney General Eric Holder’s directive to respect state medical marijuana laws. Most recently, DEA agents flouted a pioneering Mendocino County (CA) ordinance to regulate medical marijuana cultivation by raiding the very first grower to register with the sheriff. Joy Greenfield, 69, had paid more than $1,000 for a permit to cultivate 99 plants in a collective garden that had been inspected and approved by the local sheriff.


Ms. Leonhart has also demonstrated that she is unable to be objective in carrying out the duties of the administrator as it relates to medical marijuana research. In January 2009, she refused to issue a license to the University of Massachusetts to cultivate marijuana for FDA-approved research, despite a DEA administrative law judge’s ruling that it would be “in the public interest” to issue the license. This single act has blocked privately-funded medical marijuana research in this country.

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