Thursday, October 22, 2009

Black Revenge

txrad and I
were talking of racism
and I admitted.

I was. From around 15-ish until I was 22-ish.

Now I COULD have been prior to 15 but I'm going to chalk all that shit up to youthful ignorance. Yes, I was. It's how I was raised.

I ran the fucking Reagan for President headquarters in Desha County, Arkansas. (Check the voter stats on that county!) Which was brave, considering I didn't know another Republican other than the vet. I also combined that office into the Frank White for Governor office. Yeah, he's the dude that ran against Bill Clinton's first term as Governer, also I dispute success in that one.

What got me into the racism business though, was my parents. I didn't have a notion of skin color prior to my parents deciding to fuck unprotected. I didn't have a notion of skin color prior to their introducing it, probably during the time we had the Negro maid, and their only complaint about her was that she would decide to take a dump (as in, "a shit") while my parents would sit down to dinner.

Black revenge. Ahhh, I love it. And besides, if my Dad had put in something besides those Tahitians' slatted bathroom doors which allowed his white odors out, and let the black odors out, and one was a problem and one was not, what would be the problem, exactly.

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