Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking a Break From a Macaca Moment

Some of you know I've been wanting to learn Spanish for years and have never taken the dive.

Within the past week, I made a trip up to the corner store, Buddy's on Hwy. 290, to purchase a product to feed my severe nicotine addiction, and while I was buying, this dude comes in and addresses the clerk in Spanish (which is odd because I thought she was Indian since there was sitar music in the background), and she immediately and instinctively replied back.

Now, she was dealing with me in English, and her brain switched immediately.

What's really funny is that so did mine.

I heard their quick conversation in Spanish and my brain converted it to English in the wink of an eye, despite that I was also conducting a business transaction in English.

This incident was so profound to me, and so beautiful, and so global. I just don't understand why we can't all speak the same language while communicating, and praying, and worshiping, and politicking, in that other language.

When I lived in LA, my ear was trained for dialects, accents, and people who just struggled with English. You adapted.

That's how you PROGRESS. You ADAPT.


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