Friday, October 02, 2009

Cause and Effect

Last night's post was a prime example of where I tend to go, rant-wise, after an extremely depressing day at work in which my emotional state shuts down my ability to function. Throw some alcohol in the mix and away we go!

But now that it's out there, let's really discuss this. What has Bill Maher said or done that really pisses you off? Feel free to provide links in comments.

As I said to a Facebook friend this morning, Maher may indeed be a douche. I generally agree with the guy politically, and although I don't catch every Real Time broadcast, I do get a few laughs from it.

That being said, Maher can come across as quite full of himself. And that little laugh he does after he makes a funny can grate on my nerves. But I just can't quite picture him as fauxgressive "misogynist, transphobic, disablist wankstain" based on comments in one television interview.

And by the way, my first-impression interpretation of his comments was that he was referring to the worst fears of Glenn Beck's fan base. Oh well, 6 million viewers are going to walk away with 6 million interpretations. That's life.

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