Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Bitch Blogging: Christmas Day Edition

Some of you who stalk me on Facebook may know that I've been running back and forth to our neighbor's house every few hours this week to take care of dogs, walk them, clean up shit (only once so far), and generally wrangle them. It's been an adventure and it amazes me how quickly one can get "in tune" with dog habits.

And they have warmed up to me as well!

This is Rio. She has always been my favorite of the bunch, but now that I've gotten to know them better, they all have their quirks and interesting attributes.

But Rio is a slut.

She also really likes me. There was an immediate comfort level.

Nice tongue action.

Aura is really special, and now that I've had a chance to bond with her, I really love and appreciate her laid-back attitude. Not quite so paws hands-on, but still likes the attention and enjoys me.

I LOVE those eyes! What a seductress!

Scout is the regal one, and also the most aggressive in spreading the love around.

Beautiful snout!

But even the regal ones have to do their bidness.

Back rubs! Even if the human won't do it.

In the midst of all this giant canine activity is this tiny little thing known as Mickey. Back in his younger days he managed to get into our back yard and chased Sheldon back to the house! He and his chihuahua partner-in-crime really kept the neighborhood in check like the mafia.

I was a little apprehensive about caring for this little fucker, especially since he needs heart medication administered once a day. But you know what, he's sweet too!

I love taking him out for a pee, and he always glances over in my direction to see if I'm there, and I see the whites of his eyes. Or maybe he's saying, "stop watching me!"

Anyhow, when he's done he's goes racing up the walk back to the front door, those toenails just going clickity-clack. . And in the cold weather he enjoys sleeping right next to Scout to keep warm I guess.

So, with four dogs to take care of, and four cats, and a screwed up computer, and some work, it's been a busy week for me.

As the saying goes, thank fuck it's Friday. But this all resumes on Saturday.

Hope your Christmas was equally as delightful as mine!

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