Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Solstice Bells and Wedding Bells

Wow. Yesterday, Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage by a vote of 39-20 in the local assembly.

Unfortunately, President Calderon can't just let it be.
The conservative National Action Party of President Felipe Calderon has vowed to challenge the gay marriage law in the courts. However, homosexuality is increasingly accepted in Mexico, with gay couples openly holding hands in parts of the capital and the annual gay pride parade drawing tens of thousands.

The bill calls for changing the definition of marriage in the city's civil code. Marriage is currently defined as the union of a man and a woman. The new definition will be "the free uniting of two people."

As always, the Catholic Church is strongly opposed.
"They have given Mexicans the most bitter Christmas," said Armando Martinez, the president of the College of Catholic Attorneys. "They are permitting adoption (by gay couples) and in one stroke of the pen have erased the term 'mother' and 'father."'

What a crock of shit. Heterosexual couples who choose to have children are still mother and father. All they did was create an environment of equality and justice for people who aren't "mother and father."

Anyhoo, don't get me started on a rant this morning!

Despite some setbacks in Maine, New York and New Jersey recently, the world is still moving right along.
Only seven countries allow gay marriages: Canada, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium. U.S. states that permit same-sex marriage are Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Argentina's capital became the first Latin American city to legalize same-sex civil unions in 2002 for gay and lesbian couples. Four other Argentine cities later did the same, and as did Mexico City in 2007 and some Mexican and Brazilian states. Uruguay alone has legalized civil unions nationwide.

Someday the list this short will simply be countries where same-sex marriage remains illegal. And I often wonder, when that day comes, if the USA still be on it.

Don't laugh. Look at the list of countries where capital punishment is still practiced with a vengeance.

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