Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Touching the Keystone

After watching an acceptance speech and hearing the same campaign theme over and over, I have decided politics is a spectator sport. Not that I don't like Hillary; I do. It's her audience I detest.

I have no interest in sports. Stop it with the sign waving, and the hooping and hollering and the chanting. Fuck that shit.

txrad asked me tonight while we were watching an infinitely preferable show on Don Rickles, "Should I switch over and see what the vote is?"

I said, "sure." We got Hillary mid-stream.

I said, "it doesn't matter; it's like tuning into a basketball game half-way through it. Nothing matters until the final score. That's when I'll tune in."

Hillary was fucking amazing.... but still. Think about it. Was the confetti really necessary?

Can we just fucking vote in a civilized manner?

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