Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mid-Week Garden Blog (and some other internal conflicts)

Light blogging today (well, here at least) due to gardening. txrad took a picture of a blackberry blossom which turned out really blurry so I had to reduce the photo to 10% of original size to minimize the blurring.

Click the picture for a full rundown over at Black Soap....

...and speaking of Black Soap, I have a question:

When I started that blog it was intended to be a strictly personal and primarily a photography blog. I wanted to keep this blog primarily as a political blog or focus on other subject matter. It came to my attention from Bitty that she didn't know the blog was even there until last week. Not that I want to call attention to it for the world to see; I really do want it to be just a place to post about things txrad and I are doing in our routine lives. And it can also be a "secret garden" which is how I think Bitty characterized it.

But in looking at my Technorati cloud of post labels, this blog is indeed political for the most part, but followed very closely by personal and humor labels. Some music and cat blogging. And of course some bullshit.

The konagod blog is not a high-volume blog by any means so it's not like I'm stashing away a chunk of my private life away from the prying eyes of 800 visitors a day. And even if I were, there's a prominent link at the top of my blogroll, just in case anybody isn't aware!

So I often wonder what I'm doing and why. Should I keep Black Soap there as-is? I do like the black background for photography, plus it's like the alter-ego of this blog. And I don't really want a black or darker background on this blog.

Is it annoying to those of you who read both, to remember to check two blogs? (Is it annoying to me to maintain two blogs?)

I suppose I'm questioning all this because next week marks the 1st anniversary (more or less) of me starting the blog (even though I didn't start posting to it for 6 or 7 months later).

Tell me what you think, because...

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