Tuesday, May 06, 2008

It's Primary Day

And I have two things to say: Thank God and bullshit.

I'm not expecting any big surprises or upsets. We'll see. I'm predicting a Obama will win North Carolina handily (double digits) and Clinton will win Indiana by a smaller margin than Obama's win in North Carolina. And thus, the race will continue right on to the rather lively convention.

I have no idea why but I am looking forward to an evening of pundits slicing and dicing results. That's where the bullshit comes in.

Turnout in North Carolina appears to be on track for heavy.
Early-bird primary voters formed a line more than 80 people deep at a polling station in a leafy neighborhood here, camping out on lawn chairs as they waited for the doors to open.


Many voters, interviewed as they were leaving the polls, revealed a heavy preference for Mr. Obama. “He just basically gave me what I wanted – change,” said Jacoshia Ray, 29, a processing assistant. “He’s going to make a change where change is needed.”

Josh Boyer, 36, a librarian, said he was in college when Bill Clinton took office in 1992, and was initially enthusiastic about his presidency. He voted for Mr. Obama, he said, partially out of distaste for the Clintons. “I just found the whole Clinton administration disappointing,” Mr. Boyer said, after casting a vote for Mr. Obama. “So I’m ready for something else.”

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