Monday, May 05, 2008

konagod creativity at work

Now that the new roof is on the house it has become obvious that painting the exterior is essential. New windows have also been ordered and that will just magnify the need for paint even more.

I have been stressing about the tunnels in each bathroom which frame the skylights. The paint is peeling and they need to be scraped and repainted. I don't have a ladder high enough to get into either one. So I figure if I'm going to hire someone to paint the exterior of the house, they might as well do those as well.

And I have a vaulted ceiling in the den with a ridiculously high wall I also cannot paint without an extraordinarily tall ladder. So I'm going to have those folks take care of that wall as well. Then I can handle the rest.

So... konagod loves nothing more than picking out paint colors while doing tequila shots. Hasn't failed me yet. But the choice I just presented txrad for the den elicited this response from him:

"This is not a circus house."

OK, so the color I had selected was for the really high wall -- it needs something to draw attention to the height, and the other walls would be more muted. The room is also north-facing and rather dark.

And the color I picked out may have been a bit too orange. I'll keep working on it.

I want to make a bold statement. For further reference, see The Den Project and tell me that room isn't screaming for something vibrant.

It also needs flooring but I'll get to that later.

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