Thursday, May 22, 2008

The kona Ranch is NOT a No-Kill Zone Tonight

Well, mosquitoes have never qualified for the no-kill exemption, but tonight after having more windows sawed out and replacement windows installed, the house is suddenly full of blood-suckers. And I am swatting with a vengeance.

I left work today with some work undone to come home as early as possible which meant 6:30. Had I known what awaited me at home, I probably would have stayed at the office and finished my work and come home right about now.

And little did I know that John McCain was on the Ellen Degeneres Show blathering about his objection to gay marriage.

Enough already. Jesus H. Christ, if what txrad and I are going through right now isn't typical married life, then fuck McCain. I have no use for him and his ideology anyway because we are on a sweep in November for Obama. And fuck his stupid trophy wife Cindy too. She needs to start living her age. She dresses like some of the women at my office who are about 35 years younger. What's up with that shit?

Friday is going to be a big day, assuming I can access my Photobucket account, which currently I cannot. Who knew that replacing windows could be SO messy and dusty.

Now we know.

And Friday is Bob Dylan's birthday eve. It's cat blogging day. And it's my 2-year blogiversary.

Whoop te fucking dooo. Wish me luck in getting everything up that is deserving.

And did I mention there's lots of dust when you have windows replaced? You need to cover everything in the house. And did I mention I don't dress my age?

Fuck that shit, and fuck Cindy McCain. And her big dog too.

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