Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kona's Saturday Night Austin Tour

Another random Austin-related YouTube video. This one kind of makes me ill to watch -- I keep thinking I'm going to rear-end someone. And it would have been nice if the person who shot this video had either cleaned their window or mounted the camera on the top of the car.

Anyway, about a minute into the clip is a cruise down 6th Street and if you pause the video at exactly 1:33 you'll see a palm tree on the right hand side of the picture. That's on the grounds of the agency where I used to work.

From that point forward is the route I used to take from work to get to the Hwy 290 freeway down South Lamar as opposed to dealing with the nightmare known as Loop 1.

And now for the scenic route up Loop 360 through west Austin... for those of you who haven't vomited in your lap already, this one seems to pick up where the other one ended. Yes, many people in Austin really do drive this way.

It gets really fun around 2:55 when the driver exits 360 and gets on Bee Caves Road heading back into Austin. I took that route recently. Wheeeee!

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