Monday, May 12, 2008

First Day On The Job

I hopped on the Oak Hill Flyer #171 at 7:40 this morning for the ride downtown to start my new job at the place where I was laid off in December. I got a picture after I boarded the bus but apparently it was a bumpy ride.

I was at my office by 8:20 which isn't bad considering the place where I exit the bus is still half a mile from my office. And $1.00 roundtrip -- about 19 miles total. I was pretty thankful for that when I noticed that gas is above $3.90 for premium.

Nothing too eventful today at work. The entire day was spent in orientation which was a breeze considering I had almost a year head-start on the other two newly hired individuals.

My desk is just a couple of cubes away from my old one.

I'm not sure how long before I can get settled back into a normal routine and start posting again. Don't abandon me yet!

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