Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Kentucky Primary

Clinton has won the Kentucky primary. And again, I get the feeling racism was involved. Obama is winning the urban areas of Louisville and Lexington (not by large margins) but it was a tad lopsided in some of the Appalachia counties with Obama pulling as low as 5% of the vote. Kinda makes you wonder. Is this Hillary's claim to fame now?

The New York Times has an interactive chart up at the time I'm posting this. Just drag your mouse over the counties and you'll see what I mean. I could not find a direct link to the chart but hopefully it'll still be there for anyone clicking the link a few hours after I post this.

Oregon still to come. Probably after my time of retiring for the evening now that the dude has a job (from hell).

I was really hoping this would all be over tonight (and it is unofficially) but I guess we need to get the next round of votes in from the early June primaries. Fair is fair.

Let's get on with it. Or let's get it on.

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