Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Celebrating 100 Miles and 100°

I am a sweaty fool right now. I just got home from 1.5 miles of walking in the afternoon heat of 100° in the shade. On the street, in the sun, it was probably still in the 108° to 110° range. That walk, coupled with 1.5 miles this morning, puts me at 100 miles since I began this regimen on May 18th.

That puts me in Lorena, Texas near the southern edge of Waco on the map.

So I'm about to shower than screw the top off a refreshing white wine from California.

By the way, the shoes are holding up nicely.

They were not new when I started this. I'd had them a couple of years and that included quite a few one-mile walks around the block, plus I wore them when I was working downtown in 2007, walking a half-mile each way to and from the bus stop on those days when I took the bus. So I figure these shoes could easily have 100 miles on them already.

The official high at our house today: 105.1°