Monday, August 31, 2009

Blog Developments

I have been in a blue funk for a couple of weeks and totally lacking inspiration to write. That happens to everyone from time to time and it is frustrating, particularly when there are several events in a given day that yank my chain and I find myself unable to approach any of it via the written word.

And then there are those days when not a single news item really disturbs me. Those are rare but they do happen. As a result, I've been toying with the idea of getting some contributors on this blog. Someone to take up the slack and fill in the gaps with some interesting perspectives.

I have a Facebook friend named Wilf. I met Wilf virtually through his wife who I met virtually through a childhood friend on Facebook. Gotta love this social networking! I have seen a few opinion pieces Wilf has written as Facebook notes and a couple which were published in a small local paper where he lives. I like his attitude so I've been pestering him to contribute here. He finally caved in and agreed.

Wilf is a native of Winnipeg, Manitoba and currently is active in Democratic politics with his wife in central Arkansas.

I'm delighted he agreed to post here and I hope you'll all give him a warm and hearty welcome, and encourage him to chime in whenever he has anything at all to get off his chest!

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