Saturday, August 01, 2009

Buyers Beware

A few days ago I received a flyer in the mail from Kohl's promoting their 2-day "mega sale" with "power hours." This started at 3pm on Friday and continues today. The flyer contained a card offering an extra 15% off anything in the store.


I had already purchased a couple of things last weekend so there was nothing I really needed but popped in there late yesterday afternoon just to see if perhaps there might be another pair of shorts I'd want, or anything else.

In the kitchen section, txrad was checking out food graters. Ours is a flat one that has a crack in the top and eventually it's probably going to snap in half while I'm trying to grate cheese. There could even be blood shed. So we got the fancy stand-up grater with a nice grip in the top. I believe it was 30% off and we got an additional 15% off that price.

We were feeling mighty fine with ourselves for getting this gadget for under just $12.

After we left Kohl's we drove over to the hooch emporium to procure adult beverages for the party we're having Sunday afternoon. They happen to have a kitchen section with nice high-end gadgets and I spotted the grater we'd just purchased at Kohl's. I just had to wander over there and check out the price so I could feel even better about that hot deal we got on "mega sale."

Hooch emporium price: $9.99

Enough said.