Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Clinging to Lily-Whiteness

A suburb of Dallas can be added to the ranks of towns going on the offensive against the horrors of a brown menace invasion. The city council members in Farmers Branch are aggressively working to make their feelings about Hispanics abundantly clear.

Council members in this Dallas suburb unanimously approved tough new anti-immigration measures Monday evening that are intended to keep illegal immigrants away from the city.

In a series of 6-0 votes, the council members approved making English the official language, fining landlords who deal with illegal immigrants and allowing local authorities to screen suspects in police custody to see whether they are in the country illegally.

Ahh yes, we must slip in an English-only vote before huevos rancheros appear on too many restaurant menus.
Since 1970, Farmers Branch has changed from a small, predominantly white community with a declining population to a city of almost 28,000 people, about 37 percent of them Hispanic.

How dreadful. The next thing you know they'll be wantin' to marry some of them whites.

And here's a link to a related editorial in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today concerning a similar brouhaha in Rogers, Arkansas which is just a stone's throw from the Wal-Mart headquarters in Bentonville. Got a crime problem? Just blame all the
illegal aliens.

Update: Pam has a related post up regarding the “immigration problem.”

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