Friday, November 10, 2006

Rick Perry: VP contender in 2008?

In an article on the front page of Wednesday's edition of the Austin American-Statesman regarding Texas Governor Rick Perry's victory, the first paragraph was interesting:

Occasional marathoner Rick Perry won the long slog he had led wire to wire Tuesday, setting himself up for a record tenure as Texas governor by late 2008, the same year he might land in his party's vice presidential sweepstakes.

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Please, say it ain't so! We've already had to deal with one Texas governor in the White House this century; is America going to have the stomach for another in '08?

He's egotistical enough to make a presidential bid, but young enough to be VP for 2 terms and then run for the top office. It makes my stomach knot up just thinking about it.

Anyone want to place bets on who might pick Perry to be his running mate? McCain might, but two guys from Arizona and Texas wouldn't really balance the ticket geographically. I can tell you Rudy Giuliani ran a campaign ad for Perry's gubernatorial campaign this year. A Giuliani/Perry ticket seems plausible. Or, the absolute worst case scenario: a Mitt Romney/Perry ticket.

What do you think? Leave thoughts.. I have to go sit by the toilet until my gag reflex settles down.

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