Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Utterly Tasteless

What's the point?

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Fox will slaughter the competition the final week of the November ratings sweeps when it airs a two-hour interview in which O.J. Simpson details how he would have murdered his wife, Nicole, and Ronald Goldman more than 10 years ago.

Had he done it.

Which he didn't.

Just ask him.


"If I Did It" is also the title of the former pro football player's new book that, Fox said yesterday, hits bookstores Nov. 30 -- just in time for the holiday gift-buying season, ho, ho, ho.

This is one of the most unbelievably disturbing and shameless promotions I've seen in awhile. FYI, the murderer of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman is still at large.

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File under "Speechless."
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