Friday, November 24, 2006

More Reasons to Give Thanks

Housecleaning duties have been neglected in this house for far too long. I do a nice job of keeping the kitchen clean since that's the room we use the most. Nothing encourages me to cook like a clean kitchen. I can't say the same about the bathrooms which can be an unholy terror but I'll still use them out of necessity. One of my worst anxieties is that someone will come over and need to "go potty." It would be rather rude and awkward for me to say "I forbid it." I'd try to be graceful about it.

A friend of ours came over to the house today and brought us a plum cobbler which I shall begin devouring this evening. She reads this blog so I'm sure she'll get a kick out of this post. (It's Rebecca and she comments frequently.) I gave her and her daughter a taste of Minstrel Boy's "Killer Kranberry" sauce and she now has the recipe.

I was notified earlier this week that she'd be stopping by so I had plenty of time to get busy on the house. I got the kitchen extra clean on Wednesday and did some organizing; txrad ran the vacuum through the house. We did nothing yesterday which meant today was the big bathroom duty day. I left that one to txrad who was bitching about my sticky hairspray on the vanity and the mirror. I can't help it; I have an unruly mane and I need something to keep those curls from turning into a full-blown afro.

The coffee table in the living room was a mess as well. I'm not kidding -- there were newspapers in there from July, and enough magazines to blow out a tire on the dumpster. If you don't think Architectural Digest is heavy, try holding about 15 of them at once.

Now, I'm sure you're all wondering, what the hell am I doing with a subscription to Architectural Digest when I'm clearly so comfortable living in a dump? I like to fantasize, that's why. Actually, I'm not comfortable living in a dump but I've gotten used to it. It does start to have a negative psychological effect on me after so many months of filth and clutter.

I want to go stand in the bathroom and just stare at it. I feel like I'm in a hotel. It's nice. With any luck it'll stay that way for about 4 or 5 days. We'll go on another cleaning rampage round about March.

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